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20 October 2009 @ 07:47 am
[fic] : merlin (gwen/arthur) - There Are Stars In Your Eyes  
Title: There Are Stars In Your Eyes
Rating: PG
Word count: 412 words
Characters: Arthur/Gwen, a little Arthur/Morgana if you squint
Summary: Arthur teaches Gwen to dance. (Sort of...) Written for the VaginaFest, for the prompt Merlin - Arthur/Gwen - dancing


They're sitting on the curve of ground outside the castle walls, hidden by the dark of night. The night is cold and clear, and in the silence between conversations Arthur and Gwen find they are both looking up at the stars. Arthur's hand is upon Gwen's, warm against the chill grass.

"I used to think," says Gwen, softly, "it was a little like a dance, the way the stars moved across the sky..." she trails off. "Silly, maybe," she says, and looks down into her lap.

"No," says Arthur, "it is. A little." He can't really see much that is dance-like in the way they move, inching across the sky. Dancing can be interminable enough without having it be as slow as Gaius on a cold day.

He's never danced with Gwen, though.

"Have you ever danced?" he asks her.

"No," Gwen says, smiling, and Arthur suddenly realises why.

"You're always serving," he says. She nods.

"Perhaps someday I'll learn," she says, and her voice sounds almost wistful. "I know a few dances, but not the fine courtly ones you and the Lady Morgana..." Before he quite knows what he's doing, Arthur is on his feet and offering Gwen his hand. She stares at it for a moment, as if not quite sure what to do with it.

"Let me teach you," he says. In the space of a smile she's standing before him, her eyes expectant and her hand still in his. Inconveniently, he finds he cannot quite remember a complete set of steps to teach her. He will have to make one up, he supposes. How hard can it be?

The first few steps go smoothly, then a turn, then a few more steps. Arthur feels it's rather convincing, as made-up dances go.

"Then," he says, "I place my hand here," he places her hand at the small of her back, and pulls her towards him, against him, and as she collides with him it is as if he is aware of her every curve.

"Then," he says, his voice made deeper with intent and the distraction of her, "then..." and then he is kissing her and his hands are in her hair and pulling it from its neat arrangement into the curls that flow unrestrained down her back.

"This is no courtly dance, Arthur Pendragon," she whispers accusingly in his ear.

"No," he replies, and she can feel his cheek shift against hers as he smiles, "perhaps next time..."


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with a dreamy far-off look: [m] arthur/gwenlalumena on October 24th, 2009 10:48 am (UTC)
Thank you!