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01 April 2010 @ 07:30 am
Fic Guide: Addendums.  
1. How to bold, italicise, and underline text.
2. How to make an LJ cut.
3. Why use a header?
4. How to make a header.
5. How to space your text out.
6. Why get a beta?
7. How to get a beta.

This didn't answer my question!

[NB: To link to a section, copy and paste the link from the [x] at the end of the title.]

Bolded / Italicised / Underlined Text [x]

To bold, italicise or underline text, put these HTML markers around the word or words.

  • Bold: <b>This text is bold</b>.

  • Italics: <i>This text is italicised</i>.

  • Underline: <u>This text is underlined</u>.

  • For more HTML markers, go here.

    Making an LJ-cut [x]

    An LJ cut hides some of your text behind a link. It means people don't have to scroll all the way past your writing if they don't want to read it. It's considered polite, and some people may get annoyed or angry if you don't do it. Especially if your fic contains spoilers or graphic details.


  • Type <lj-cut> after the header and before the beginning of the fic.

  • Type </lj-cut> after the end of the fic.

  • Why use a header? [x]

    Fic headers tell readers what's in the fic.

    Advantages include:
    + not getting hit by porn when you were expecting butterflies in a sunlit meadow
    + avoiding spoilers
    + avoiding ships you dislike

    Many readers will not read fic without a header.

    Making a header [x]

    A good header looks like the following:

    Word count:
    Disclaimer: Show Title is copyright to 'Show Producer' and/or 'Network'. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended, and no money is being made.

    Here is one you can copy & paste!

    How to space out your text. [x]

    This is a wall of text. It is unpleasant to read. Readers will stop reading.

    This is spaced out text. It is much nicer to read. Readers will keep reading!

    When posting fic on LJ, it is best to leave a space between:
    1. paragraphs
    2. lines of dialogue.


    "I love you, Romeo," said Juliet.

    "Well, look, Jules," said Romeo. "To be honest, I don't really fancy you anymore."

    "Oh," said Juliet. "Epic fail, dude."


    "I love you, Romeo," said Juliet.
    "Well, look, Jules," said Romeo. "To be honest, I don't really fancy you anymore."
    "Oh," said Juliet. "Epic fail, dude."

    Use the ENTER key to leave a space between lines. Like in a Word document!

    Why have a beta? [x]

    In ficcing, a proof-reader is called a beta. Everyone benefits from a proof-reader! This is especially true when you're starting out.

    A beta might:
    + correct grammar and spelling
    + point out character/plot inconsistencies
    e.g. "You said they were on Jupiter - why are they suddenly on Mars?"
    + point out canon/factual inaccuracies
    e.g. "sorry, no cars in the middle ages - you're gonna have to take that out"

    Depends on what you need.

    Harsh but true: some people won't read an un-betaed fic. Why? They think it'll be full of mistakes. So get it betaed, and get more readers!

    How do I get a beta? [x]

    Make a post to the relevant fandom community asking politely for one.
    i.e. the main fandom community OR main fandom fic community

    If you can't find a beta there, try your flist.

    You should give a few details about your fic e.g. rating, ships to make sure you get a beta with relevant knowledge.

    This didn't answer my question! [x]

    1. Mystified by fanfic terms e.g. 'het' and 'slash'? Try the List of FanFiction Terms at Wikipedia.

    2. The Newbie Guide to Fic is comprehensive (=long) but very very helpful.

    3. Google. Google is your friend. It will answer many questions.

    4. Search the LiveJournal FAQ.

    If you're still confused, comment here and I will see if I can answer/add a question and answer in.
    ONLY ASK IF YOUR QUESTION IS NOT ALREADY ANSWERED. Otherwise you will be ignored. Or curtly linked.